You had me at Merlot


For all of those frequently asked questions, we thought we’d put together a quick cheat sheet for you to refer to.



Why is it so important to pay our deposit on time?

Ladies First works with some terrific businesses who provide a unique experience to our customers.  To ensure you do not miss out on booking with any of them, your deposit is required on time to secure your place.


How many pick up and drop off points can we have?

Ladies First will work with your bus driver to arrange one (1) singular pick up and drop off point.  This ensures our insurance requirements are being met and avoids confusion with your guests.  Some groups have negotiated with the bus driver for an additional drop off point, however this is not recommended by Ladies First.


Why do we have a schedule of times given to us?

To ensure that your day runs smoothly we will provide you with the times we require your guests to arrive and be ready to leave the pick-up point, as well as provide a schedule of our stops throughout the day.  It is important to listen to your bus driver and be on time to fit everything into your day, and make the most of your Ladies First event.


Can we bring our own alcohol and food on bus?

Yes, whilst we supply bottled water for your trip, we are happy for you to bring alcoholic and other beverages, as well as your own nibbles.  However, we do ask that you leave these on the bus, and DO NOT take them off the bus at your various stops. We have a strict no glass policy- champagne/wine bottles are allowed as long as they are served in plastic cup wear


Can our children come on the bus?

Ladies First is not insured for children, including infants, and therefore NO children are allowed on bus.


Do we get to keep our wrist bands?

Yes, all of the gifts provided to you on the day are yours to keep, with our compliments.


Is there a USB or wireless connection on the bus?

The Bus has CD facilities and Ladies First  can provide you with a Blue Tooth Speaker to play your music through your mobile phone


How big are your buses?

Ladies first provides either 8 seaters, 12 seaters or 25 seater mini buses. We need to ensure this size bus can safely pick and drop you all off. This means we need lots of turning space. Please ensure you have enough room for a bus to turn around if needed in a driveway. If having a city or high way pick ups ensure there’s a non permitted area for us to park briefly.