Game Ideas


The hen day is all about the bride and her friends so this is a really nice game to play on the bus.  In advance of the hen party or when your hen guests arrive, ask them to write down where they first met the bride. It’s probably a good trick to rewrite them all by the same person OR print them so the bride can’t guess the handwriting. After a drink or two, either ask the hen to read them out or a guest. The hen then needs to answer and decide which hens guest has written it. An alternative spin on this game is that you could ask everyone to bring an object that’s significant to just them and the bride-to-be, then get her to say who brought the gift and why.


Pick a few words that people are not allowed say for a period of time i.e. the grooms name, ‘wedding’, ‘party’, ‘myself’ etc. Don’t pick more than four words. Then if anyone says those words, they have to do a forfeit which is decided by the hen planner or the group before they start the game. You could also play this by giving everyone a peg, ring or bracelet. When someone catches them saying a banned word, they have to give their item to that person. The person with the most pegs, rings or bracelets at the end of the game wins. This can also be played by wearing a silly hat/wig/mask/large underwear/ wedding dress etc. Play as a group and when someone says a particular work they need to wear the item until the next person says it


A non traditional party game which is perfect for a sophisticated hen party. Everyone votes for their favorite wine without seeing the label.
What you need: Bottle of wine (ask each guest to bring a bottle), Bags to keep the label covered. Plastic wineglasses.
How it works Guests will taste each bottle of wine and vote for their favourite wine. The bottle with the most votes, wins! The person who brought the wine will then reveal how much the wine cost.
This can also be a sneaky way to save money on providing drinks on the bus by asking each guest to provide a bottle to share with everyone


+ Arrange for everyone to wear something special on the day that is all the same that symbolizes your a group
– ie. Bride Tribe Tattoos, rings, lipstick, nail polish etc.
Or book our Flower Crown/Winery Tour and look beautiful in your crowns for the day.

+ Take lots of photos and keep uploading them to a nominated #hens day page and don’t forget to tag #LadiesFirstYarraValley too.

+ Give all the guest a small gift bag/show bag. Inside can include some lip balm, mints, panadol, a band aid, sample products etc.
These are always very popular on Ladies First hens days.

+ Make a play list to play on the bus and ensure you have lots of sing alongs for the trip home.

+ Ask the groom to arrange a small gift box with a gift or gifts inside and present to the bride on the day. Read out his little note in front of everyone.

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