Tips & Tricks


Choose a day and date that suits everyone.
Keeping in mind that if it’s a hens day or birthday that it is about that person and whatever date suits them is most important.


Start by asking the guest of honour for a list of people.
If you don’t know many people on the list find someone to help you communicate with them.


Be clear on the invitations of the costs and what is included.
People respond better when they know exactly what they are getting for their money.
Why not forward them our Ladies First eBook so they can read about it themselves.
Place your bank account details on the invitation and a due date for the money due.

TIP: Why not have a payment system in place to make it more affordable for people to pay off gradually.

Break it up into 3 payments eg. $50 for the 1st payment due 4 weeks prior to the date
$50 for the second  due 2 weeks prior to the date and $25 for the last payment due on the date of payment.

Don’t forget to use the free Ladies First Guest List template to help you with the planning stage


Make sure you are clear about the pick-up time. In fact why not tell people to arrive half and hour earlier than the bus is arriving to eliminate people running late in the first place.
If people are coming by train, tram or taxi ensure they know the exact location for the bus pick-up.

After this point SIT BACK, RELAX and ENJOY the TOUR.

Experience our unique tours and be amazed.