Accessories Hens Need

Hen party accessories are classier and more stylish than what they used to be. There isn’t any need for fluffy handcuffs and L plates thanks to a wide selection of modern, cute party accessories.

There are some true gems available that are perfect for bridal showers, hen parties and bachelorette weekends, including some blush pink highlights and rose gold looks that really stand out. Whether you want your hen party style to be modern or vintage, we have something here for you. We’ve saved you the trouble of having to look for yourself and rounded up a list of must-have party accessories for the next time you get your girls together.

  • Stylish hen sashes (a wide variety to suit every taste)
  • A fun-filled decoration station that may include buntings, balloons or one of a number of other options
  • Party badges to help everyone learn each other’s names
  • Stylish Veil- Lets the bride look like a queen and makes it easy to tell who the party is for
  • Prosecco Pimping- Personalised labels designed for use with mini beverages and accessorised with cute straws
  • Survival kit- Perfect for the next-day hangover. These may include Panadol, crisps or sparkling water to help deal with the pain

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