How to Have the Ideal Hen’s Day

So, he said “yes”, and now you need to plan one last hurrah with the ladies. Whether you are planning for the bride to be or you are planning a hen party for yourself, these are tips you’ll need to to know to make the day a success.

  • The bride should write out a list of guests for the party
  • Make sure the bride’s chosen date is available for your party before
    informing the guests
  • Pick a budget and set pricing for the party- Determine how much
    everything will cost ahead of time, including catering, venue, the DJ, and even travel costs. Make sure to account for guests who may need to take time off from work or find a babysitter for their kids.
  • Communicate to the guests- Make sure everyone knows the venue and
    time and how much of the cost they will be responsible for. They should also know what they need to bring, if anything.
  • Keep something a surprise- Even if the bride is a part of the hen party
    planning process, make sure that there is some kind of surprise in store for her. You may want to even drop some hints about what the surprise could be to get her excited about it. You could hire a taxi to transport her to a location she doesn’t know about or have a secret theme for the party that you let her discover for herself once she arrives.
  • Party games- Every hen party should have a few games, and these can be a great way for people to get to know one another or to bond with each other. One of our favourites is to play Mr. and Mrs. Quiz, where the groom’s answers have been pre-recorded and then can be played to all the guests.
  • Make the party custom-fitted to the bride- A hen party should be about the bride to be. You can serve her favourite drinks or decorate in her favourite colours. You can even make up a playlist of her favourite songs and include some of the ones she used to like when she was younger.
  • Identify the bride- The bride should be the main attraction of the party, but she shouldn’t be overly embarrassed. Try to avoid making her look foolish and keep any decorations stylish and fun while avoiding games that would publicly shame her.
  • Take tons of photos- The bride and your guests will want to remember this day for years to come, so ensure that there are lots of great photos for people to take home with them. You may want to hire a professional to shoot the party rather than ask a guest to take time out of enjoying the party to snap pics.

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