Build Up Excitement for Hens Day

You are probably excited about your hens day coming up already, but there are some ways to really pack on the hype and get everyone excited about it.

  • Mail out the invites- You could use snail mail or email to let everyone know about the upcoming date. You don’t have to go all out and create themed gift boxes, but the invites should look like they took some thought and care.
  • Tease a mystery- You can build excitement by telling guests that there will be a mystery activity or prize and keep them guessing about what it will be.
  • Network- You can create a WhatsApp group or Facebook page for your
    event and start up a countdown to get the hype train rolling. This also
    opens up a venue for guests to ask questions and get more information
    without having to bother you for every detail.
  • Involve all guests- You can get every person you invite involved in some way, even if it is something as simple as writing a personal message for the bride. This helps everyone feel like they are contributing to making the day a success.

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